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Canola’s growth in popularity has lead to a wealth of information available on the internet. We’re constantly searching for new sites that will assist you in marketing, new breakthroughs for increasing yields, new processing techniques, marketing programs, and nutritional and consumer information. If you’d like to suggest a site, please contact us. If you’re involved in canola production, you’ll find something of interest at these sites.


Ag Issues
Link is courtesy of ADM Processing Velva, ND. ADM and Ag Issues are working together to bring you the most up to date research and information about agriculture.

Biodiesel Basics
Ask Ben. The nation’s most reliable and trusted source for biodiesel information.

Canola Harvest

Agro-Tech Inc. is a locally owned business located in the north central part of North Dakota specializing in providing contract research for the agricultural sector.

Burcon NutraScience
Burcon NutraScience is working with ADM to develop and commercialize canola protein for use in human foods and beverages.
canola oil. good for every body!

Fazio Foods International
We are an established full service food company working with domestic and international customers for over 15 years. A full line of cooking oil products is only part of what you get from Fazio Foods International Ltd.

Row Crops and Oilseeds Crops Web Page
NDSU Row and Oilseed Crop webpage.

American Dietetic Association
Your link to nutrition and health.

Nuseed Omega-3 Canola Seed Growing Opportunity

PNW Canola Association
The Pacific Northwest Canola Association is a team of canola producers, crop consultants, crop input suppliers, and processors who are passionate about educating other growers, crop consultants, agricultural agencies, and the general public about the benefits of canola. We represent the Pacific Northwest region at U.S. Canola Association meetings and advocate for canola and the canola industry.

U.S. Canola Association
The U.S. Canola Association (USCA) is a national, non-profit commodity organization whose mission is to increase domestic canola production to meet growing demand for healthy oil, meal and protein by promoting policies and conditions favorable to growing, marketing, processing and using U.S. canola.

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