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White Mold Risk in Canola Increasing

Posted: Jun 29 2023

Recent rains have increased the white mold risk as canola is nearing bloom. The Sclerotinia risk map (Figure 1) for June 27th is reporting a slowly increasing risk for white mold. In the Northeast portion of the state, canola in Towner Co. has a low risk (15%) of infection, canola in Cavalier Co. shows intermediate risk (43%), and canola in Pembina Co. is at high risk (74%). Additionally, there is a good possibility that additional rains will occur in the region, which will likely maintain or increase risk.

North Dakota State University CROP & PEST REPORT June 29, 2023 9 We recommend that growers utilize the Risk Map and associated Risk Calculator as they make decisions about potential management options for white mold as canola enters bloom. Additionally, as the risk map uses precipitation and temperature as main predictors, the map is also helpful for those growing other white-mold sensitive crops. The Sclerotinia Risk Map and Risk Calculator are available at the NDSU Canola Pathology program or through the Northern Canola Growers Association and Minnesota Canola Council websites. We thank them for their support of the canola pathology program!

Sam Markell
Extension Plant Pathologist, Broad-leaf Crops
Luis del Rio Mendoza
NDSU Plant Pathology

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