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Crop Production Report

Posted: Oct 16 2023

Crop Production Report

The USDA reported in its October 12 Crop Production Report that the average canola yield in North Dakota for the 2023 crop season was 1,790 pounds per acre, down slightly from 1,820 pounds per acre last year. Growers in the northern region of the state faced the most severe drought conditions since 2021. Record yields of canola were observed in southern areas of the state, with some growers reporting yields exceeding 3,500 pounds. With the bulk of canola acres in the northern region of the state, the drought pulled down yields compared to 2022. Total canola production in North Dakota will reach a new record of 3.4 billion pounds, up 4.7 percent from last year. This is based on a record 1.9 million harvested acres of canola in the state.

Montana canola yields suffered this year as that state had an average yield of 930 pounds per acre, down from 1,030 in 2022, while yields in Minnesota rose to an average of 2,500 pounds per acre, up from 2,410 pounds per acre last year.

Canola production in the U.S. is projected to be just over 4 billion pounds, up 4.9 percent, with an average yield per acre of 1,741 pounds, compared to 1,762 pounds per acre in 2022. Area harvested in the U.S. was 2.3 million acres, up from 2.168 last year.

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