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Changes to Final Plant Dates for Canola

Posted: Apr 16 2024

The Northern Canola Growers Association has been providing feedback to the USDA Risk Management Agency (RMA) for several years that the Final Plant Dates (FPD’s) for canola need to be adjusted to accommodate growers in the southern region of North Dakota. Recently the RMA said it will propose later FPD’s starting with the 2025 crop season. The changes to be made will allow an extra ten days of planting for southwest North Dakota, where the FPD will now be May 25. It will allow an additional five days of planting in the southeast, where the FPD will now be May 25. Finally, in the region of North Dakota that had a May 25 FPD, the FPD for that region will now be June 1, allowing an additional five days.
The NCGA welcomes these changes for the canola industry and says they align with the advancements in genetics the industry has experienced in the past twenty years. More growers have found success planting canola into warmer soils allowing canola to emerge quickly and overcome flea beetle pressure early in the season. The USDA is also proposing to allow Montana canola growers an additional ten days to plant canola, in welcome news for that region as well. Growers are reminded that these changes will not become effective until the 2025 cropping season.

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