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Canola Flea Beetles Peak Emergence

Posted: Jun 08 2017

Crucifer and stripped flea beetles are peaking or just past peak in NC and NE canola growing areas as reported by T.J. Prochaska at NCREC and L. Lubenow at LREC. So, please re-scout any newly emerged canola fields to make sure the insecticide seed treatment is providing enough protection against flea beetle feeding injury, and any fields that have been emerged longer than 21 days since insecticide residue in the seed treatment will be reduced. The action threshold level for a foliar insecticide application is 25% defoliation for an economic return from the cost of that foliar insecticide.

Remember to continue checking canola fields until it is larger than the 6-leaf growth stage or flea beetle populations have decreased, usually the end of June. During hot, dry weather, flea beetles populations can increase rapidly, and they are very active moving in and out of canola fields in large numbers. They can consume quickly any unprotected canola plants in a field!

Flea Beetle

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