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Ag alert: Early detection of Clubroot in Canola during flowering stage

Venkat Chapara, Plant Pathologist, NDSU/Langdon Research Extension Center, Langdon, ND 58249

Clubroot in Cavalier County

Ag Alert: Early Detection of Clubroot in Canola during Flowering Stage

Venkat Chapara, Plant Pathologist, NDSU/Langdon Research Extension Center

Clubroot on Canola has been identified in five out of six canola fields at flowering stage scouted over the last five days in Cavalier County. Last year it was noticed in six out of 59 fields scouted at the end of the season (swathing). By the end of this season it may be in more fields than expected!

Clubroot on Canola is caused by a soil borne pathogen which has the characteristics of plant, animal and fungi for which there is no silver bullet for control. Once in the soil, it can live up to 17 years!

Sanitation of equipment, longer crop rotations (at least 2-3 years) and using resistant varieties can minimize yield losses.

Please call the Langdon Research Extension Center (256-2582) or the Cavalier County Extension Office (256-2560), if you suspect any abnormality in the growth of your canola crop.

Picture 1: Severely infected field with clubroot- Notice stunted growth and death of the plants.

Picture 2: Galls on canola roots infected with Clubroot.


Minot – Wednesday, July 18th, the NDSU North Central Research Center will hold its Annual Crop Tour.


The tour begins at 8:30 a.m. and will conclude by noon.  A major focus will be on intercropping, weed control in canola and managing soil salinity.  Center scientists are studying 34 intercropping combinations, and include canola and field peas.  In addition, NDSU will host a crop pest diagnostic clinic. Producers are encouraged to bring in plant samples. They’ll also have an opportunity to have one-on-one consultations with experts on weed, insect and disease control issues.


Langdon – The Northern Canola Growers Association is hosting a tour in conjunction with the Langdon Research Extension Center on Thursday, July 19th at the station just east of Langdon.  Diseases and insects affecting canola are among the issues that will be covered during the annual field tour July 19.


The program begins at 8 a.m. with doughnuts and coffee provided by the Northern Canola Growers Association. The tour starts at 8:30.


Topics and presenters include:


* Canola growing season insect update – Lesley Lubenow, NDSU Extension cropping systems specialist at the center


* Clubroot/canola disease update – Venkat Chapara, research assistant professor at the center


* Unmanned aerial systems imaging demonstration – John Nowatzki, NDSU Extension ag machine systems specialist


The tour also includes a presentation on the center’s research on weed and blackleg pressure in canola cropping systems; and a noon lunch sponsored by the Northern Canola Growers Association.